E-Commerce – Life made easy!!

Did you forget to buy a gift for your loved one on a special occasion? Don’t worry!

Order his/her favorite brand item online and get it delivered on the very same day and save your day!!

Country boundaries, time zone, payment mode….no more a barrier for you!!

Ever given a thought of how technology has made our life easy and comfortable?

The E-commerce business has revolutionized the online shopping market.

Buyer has many options along with reviews, price comparison, and home delivery. Similarly, the seller does not need to convince the buyer directly but has various mediums through which it can reach the buyer through online mechanisms.

E-commerce never sleeps and provides services 24*7. E-commerce is playing an important role in our lives, packed with a busy working schedule. Nearly all kinds of goods and services can be purchased online nowadays, for instance, a person can buy books or book a plane ticket in seconds, which was a difficult job earlier. Store owners have reached every household and are getting operated on smartphones, computers, tablets etc. in the form of an e-commerce store.

In 2004, Tobias Lutke and Scott Lake wanted to sell snowboards, but they couldn’t find an easy way to sell it online. Back then, the available e-commerce platform had many limitations in design and customizations. It was hard for both to incorporate their ideas into an online store. Necessity is the mother of invention! This led to the birth of Shopify platform – a platform which will enable anyone to start and customize an ecommerce online store from anywhere. It provides you with all required base framework for running an e-commerce business along with plenty of customization options.

Eshopbuddy is a focussed shopify service offering provided by Array Pointer. We let you focus on your core business and provide the necessary shopify store setup and maintenance. 

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